Move from Information to Influence

Great communication is tough on a normal day. Add remote work into the mix, and it’s never been a more critical skill to master. Our training programs, coaching and consulting help teams lead with empathy, drive speed, alignment, clarity, and direction. 

We prepare leaders and professionals across the organization to connect, influence and inspire their teams, customers and stakeholders - especially in today’s environment.

Our Programs

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An intensive, high-impact program featuring Decker’s methodology to boost your effectiveness – both in what you say, and how you say it. Connect, influence and inspire through expert instruction, video feedback and private coaching.

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The women-only focus of this course allows a safe environment to openly (and vulnerably!) discuss challenges and biases that are unique to women, including advocating for yourself, navigating the double bind of being pushy and being a pushover, and considering the implications of the competency threshold.

You will leave more confident, connected and focused.


Decker’s online training program is based on our signature, small group program, Communicate To Influence. We’ve leveraged cutting-edge technology to create the next best thing to joining a program in person. Video feedback and coaching have always been at the core of our programs, and this is no different. It’s interactive, innovative and impactful learning on-demand.


Even great salespeople can fail to adapt to the virtual environment – which takes a higher level of intention, energy, and dialogue to influence compared to face-to-face.

Participants will gain the confidence and skills to sell effectively over calls, webinars, video conferences, and more.


Great leaders and managers are struggling to adapt to this new, remote, way of working.

Learn the skills and tools, and immediately improve confidence and abilities, to manage teams effectively over video conference on any platform, calls, webinars, and more.


While some individuals will thrive working in a remote setting, studies show that most will struggle to adapt.

With an entirely new set of tools to navigate, it’s imperative that employers and leaders support their remote staff to avoid impacting culture and morale negatively.