The Art of Storytelling

Stories stick. Data doesn’t. Neither do features or functions. The ability to craft a compelling narrative is a fundamental skill in every aspect of business communication today. From gaining buy-in around an initiative to inspiring a shared vision, stories help us reframe a challenge and take action. 

What can we learn from great stories that can apply to everyday product pitches, team meetings or events? And what does it take to build a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience, highlights your product/solution, and drives action?

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome the curse of knowledge to bring your listeners on a journey that starts where they are, rather than starting where you are
  • Conduct a hero check. You, your company, or your product are not the heroes of the story—your team, customers and stakeholders are
  • Begin with the end in mind—know where your story is headed and craft a narrative with a clear and compelling lead of the story
  • Put it all together into a master story, all with a framework you can apply again and again
  • Use data to inform the narrative and implement the three-act structure to organize your story: situation, complication, and resolution
  • Weave in the key elements of sticky stories: highlight the unexpected, make it concrete, and appeal to emotion


Virtual or in-person





An indulgence to be able to step outside the reactiveness of day-to-day activities and think about communication and outreach from a structured approach.
Employee Demand Media
Storytelling is one of the most influential sales tools. Highly relevant and applicable!
Employee Coupa Software
Great insights about differentiating from the ‘traditional way’ to present a story.
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I can clearly see how powerful this storytelling will be with my prospects and can’t wait to use it!
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