Communicate to Influence

After taking this gold-standard course, over 100,000 people recommended it to a friend or colleague. Communicate to Influence is an intensive, high-impact program that applies Decker’s methodology to help you boost the effectiveness of both what you say and how you say it. 

Learn to connect, influence, and inspire through a combination of expert instruction, video feedback, and private coaching. The program is broken into bite-sized modules spread across two days and each course is limited to 10 participants to make the most impact.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the Communicator’s Roadmap to create the most effective experience for your audience: Inform, Entertain, Direct, Inspire
  • Brainstorm and apply SHARP principles to make your message memorable: Stories, Humor, Analogies, References/Quotes, and Pictures 
  • Understand what really counts in communicating and why
  • Handle Q&A effectively to keep your listener focused on your point of view
  • Shift your own habits and build “Behaviors of Trust” for connection, energy, and credibility
  • Apply the tools you’ve gained to your own specific communication situations
  • Use the Decker Grid™ to move any message from information to influence
  • Tackle current communication challenges, like connecting remotely or working in a hybrid environment


Virtual or in-person


2-day workshop



I already had 42 hours of meetings on my calendar this week and thought, how can I possibly attend an all-day training on Zoom? …” This captured my attention all day, I am overflowing. The Grid created a breakthrough for me. Where has this been all my life?
Western Digital
The feedback that I received from the folks at Decker was invaluable. I now have a better feel for how others perceive me as a communicator and know some adjustments I can make to ensure that others can be confident in my message.
Jeffrey F Senior Project Manager
My Decker session was invaluable! Having the ability to hear your presentation recordings and get real-time feedback allows you to notice pieces you might have overlooked on your own. As I practice in work settings and day-to-day life, I’ll be glad to have these important bits of information to fall back on. Great course for sales and internal-focused employees alike.
Hallie P. Social Chorus
This training was surprisingly easy to go through and gave me tools that I can incorporate immediately to improve results in my work.
Erika Senior Business Operations