Adapt – Stay on Course

Adapt-Stay-on-Course-blogOne of my favorite things in any race is when they show where racers should be, compared to where they are. They did it with Secretariat and American Pharoah (like the photo, above), they do it during the Olympic sprints, and we do it with ourselves and our yearly goals.

In so many of our coaching sessions and programs, we reference Maxwell Maltz, who said, “It takes 21 days to change a habit.” Well, you’re on day 22 of the new year – how are you doing on your changes? Are you on track?

Your communication skills are habits. They can change. In fact, they have to if you want to accomplish more, influence more, and get bigger and better results.

If you’re not working on anything – start today.

Need more lightness? Bigger gestures? More listener focus? If you’re reading this, you already have your pivot points.

There are great rewards if you can make the change.

One client would always say, “Right?” during meetings, on calls, and in between thoughts. It was a pesky filler word that she worked hard to change. I had an hour-long call with her this morning, and I didn’t hear her say “Right?” at all.

The result: more confidence, more credibility and more momentum to carry her team through the change management initiative she’s driving this year.

What have you changed?

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