Leading Remotely

As a leader, how do you run a remote organization effectively? How do you keep people focused, informed, and engaged? How do you manage routines and processes? How do you ensure morale and productivity remain intact?

Communicating with impact in a virtual environment requires a higher level of intention, interactivity, and energy than when teams are together in person. In Leading Remotely, you’ll learn the skills, get the tools, and gain the confidence you need to manage your remote or dispersed team. During this live, 90-minute virtual training, we’ll tailor examples, exercises, and context to your team’s needs.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage different types of virtual tools (and when to use each)
  • Distribute work in a timely and equitable way
  • Avoid simple mistakes that undermine trust in the remote environment
  • Address employee fears, challenges and concerns
  • Use listening skills for making your team members feel heard and set up conversations for success
  • Connect with a remote audience
  • Apply tactics for keeping your team feeling connected and engaged regardless of their location
  • Cascade messages with clarity and focus so your team can see themselves in the larger organization and strategy
  • Keep your team accountable while allowing for a flexible schedule







This is essential in today’s new world to evolve traditional methods to lead into leading in a more virtual environment.
Eddie B Charles Schwab
The Decker Leading Remotely session is a wonderful way to explore methods of effective engagement, trust building, and accountability establishment within the groups you lead and/or work with. The class is offered in a comfortable setting, allowing for a more interactive experience with peers. The 2-hour session is perfect. It’s like drinking a protein shake before work – it sets the day off right.
Craig B Infoblox
This was fantastic and provided at just the right time. Very energizing and inspiring. I loved that the tips shared were real and that the simple but highly impactful corrections to apply to will make everyone’s WFH experience more engaging and positive. Thank you – great session.
Heidi L. Bristol-Myers Squibb