Selling Remotely

Relationships are everything for salespeople, which is why it’s critical to adjust for selling in a virtual world. But the challenges of selling through remote communications channels continue to confound many sales organizations. Buyers have become harder to reach, budgets have shrunk, and well-established sales processes have been turned upside down. Our Selling Remotely courses will teach you how to quickly differentiate yourself from the competition and come across as trustworthy and credible in a virtual environment so you can foster the relationships that will help you close the deal.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choreograph the customer experience, from speakers to slides, with purposeful handoffs and interactions
  • Communicate with clarity and focus
  • Learn the nonverbal cues and elements that quickly determine first impressions, establish an emotional connection and continue to read the room
  • Adjust the experience for a range of situations
  • Practice interactions that engage the customer to co-create the experience: posing thoughtful questions, facilitating discussion, and more






Large group format up to 150. Small group format with 1:1 coaching up to 30.

This training is an excellent way to ‘re-learn’ professional presence in our new digital world. Many of the techniques we have been practicing for in-person interactions are not applicable to video conferencing and this training reveals some great ways to look professional and engage the audience while staying genuine!
Nichole M. Protiviti
The course teaches you a lot about habits you may not be aware of and brings to light how you’re perceived through a remote discussion. Remember that this is a new ‘first impression’ even if it’s an existing relationship – it’s a ‘first impression’ through a new medium for many of you.
Sandip S. Protiviti
I highly recommend this course for any member of a client-facing role, including PMs, CSLs, and anyone that is communicating remotely. Great info on how to improve our connecting remotely with PEOPLE.
Solomon A. CDM Smith