Create events that motivate and inspire

Create clear and compelling messaging and make sure your speakers connect with and motivate the audience.

Support for every step

Think of us as an extension of your team, integrating with your events, communications, and enablement teams to plan every last detail of your town hall, sales kickoff, corporate event, board meeting, and more. Together, we’ll:

Set your vision, goals, & objectives

Determine exactly what you need to achieve and what success looks like and determine what approach will get you there.

Brainstorm a theme

Bring the vision and goals to life with a theme that’s fun, memorable, and will resonate throughout the year.

Develop content & messaging

Prepare cohesive, engaging messaging across individual presentations and event components that build on the core message.

Practice to reach potential

Complete table reads with feedback to polish the final flow then do virtual and on-site rehearsals to build your confidence.

Rally on the big day

Have support down to the last pep talk to make sure delivery goes as planned.


Review video feedback and map a plan for continuous improvement to make the next event even better.
This program’s a must for any leader who is intentional about improving their ability to influence others. This will double my impact when I communicate with my team as well as my clients.
Chris Ward Vice president of sales
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John Ward Vice president of sales
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Paul Ward Vice president of sales

Let Decker do the talking

We’ll wake up, energize, and transform the way your audience approaches communication. Have Kelly, Ben, or one of our top consultants deliver a 60- to 90-minute keynote at your next industry conference, management off-site, sales kickoff, or another team event.

Ready to get started? Check out these resources.