The Remote Experience You Create

While some individuals thrive working in a remote setting, studies show that most continue to struggle to adapt. The virtual environment requires employees to do everything they were doing before—just more so and better. Better organization, more focus, and better communications. With an entirely new set of tools to navigate, it’s crucial that employers and leaders support their remote staff to avoid impacting culture and morale negatively.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Remain agile, despite the distance
  • Leverage all communication tools (video, phone, chat, and email) and know when to use each
  • Come across on video as confident and credible
  • Avoid simple mistakes that undermine trust
  • Be focused and productive in a world of distractions
  • Communicate with leaders and manage up in a virtual setting







This workshop is the go-to for anything virtual meetings “new normal” related. John and Susan are engaging and never allow us to lose focus.
Nancy M. Senior Project Coordinator
Great session to stay connected and credible while working remotely
Sushmita Bristol Myers Squibb
This engaging workshop really puts remote working in perspective. I usually work remotely, but now others in the teams I work with are doing this and I need to be aware that they are adapting to this new working environment. This workshop helped me be more aware of how I’m perceived and understanding how others communicate remotely.
Jen Bristol-Myers Squibb
Excellent presenters; valuable takeaways; awesome pace of delivery.
Catherin Bristol-Meyers Squibb
It’s the little things that can go a long way when building trust with customers and colleagues – eye contact, facial expressions, and proper voice infection can really make a big difference.
Jody M. Senior Territory Manager