Energy company

Managing high-touch relationships remotely


A leading energy company with an open digital platform is bringing the world’s grids into the age of the sustainable energy future. Selling complex energy products and systems to B2B clients (e.g., utilities, big oil and gas refineries, etc.) requires many touchpoints and plenty of relationship building. These types of sales require RFP submissions, presentations, discussion, discovery, knowledge sharing, and deep trust. 

The organization had cultivated meaningful relationships over many months of face-to-face meetings that often resulted in millions of dollars in revenue. And then the pandemic hit. 

Transitioning a high-touch experience to 100% virtual was incredibly disruptive to this sales organization. They are considered the Mercedes of the energy industry with a premium product, but they didn’t know how to pitch value over video conference. 

Adding to the challenge was a recent acquisition of a company, which came with additional and more complex solutions to learn about and sell to their new and existing client base.

The 150+ person sales organization had little experience selling over technology platforms. So, the company put out an RFP for a virtual selling solution to equip the sales team with tools to build the same level of trust, professionalism, and intimacy that had been generated in person.


Decker’s RFP submission was chosen among seven competing companies. One of the key members of the selection committee was impressed by the selling approach and experience created throughout the RFP process, stating it was key in the selection of the organization. 

I feel like I know you. I want my people to sell like you do at Decker.

Decker customized and delivered a series of global programs (including two in Spanish) that included best practices on engagement and driving dialogue in video conferences, managing attention span, reading the room in a selling discussion, and sharing presentations or demos effectively over Microsoft Teams. Key areas also addressed how to plan and prepare for virtual meetings, from making the correct channel selection to pre planning discovery questions and using visual support. Finally, team selling dynamics were discussed for the virtual space, including how to handle sharing, leading, transitions, and Q&A.


The sales organization was able to shift their sales experience and continue to build the kinds of customer and stakeholder relationships for which they were known.

The information was very relevant to our current challenges and presented some very concise solutions and ideas to help improve our virtual and in-person meetings with customers, as well as colleagues.
Michael VP Key Accounts, NE

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