Medical technologies corporation

Casting a new vision to inspire action


A new leader of a medical device and technology company was charged with transforming the company’s compliance department, which required creating a new vision and strategy for the global team while winning buy-in from business-unit leaders, the executive committee, and the board of directors. The executive was a highly regarded team leader, but this new role required a whole new level of skill and engagement at the highest levels of the business and with external stakeholders.


Immediately after assuming the new role, Decker worked confidentially with the executive to assess goals, strengths, areas of improvement, and opportunities for development. We helped the executive brainstorm, articulate, and package a new vision and strategy and then deliver the message to the CEO, board, business leaders, and at the executive’s first global all-hands meeting. 


Both formal and informal feedback has been resoundingly positive. The CEO and board have signed on to the new strategy, and business leaders are now volunteering to partner on crucial compliance initiatives. Additionally, compliance team members are providing guidance and solutions earlier in the sales cycle to ensure the organization is protected. 

It’s so incredibly valuable to have an outside resource to pull you out of the day-to-day so you can think strategically and holistically about the business.
Vice President Medical Technologies Corporation

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