Global financial services organization

Communicating strategically to transition seamlessly


Company leaders of a global financial services organization knew a voluntary buyout would yield strong dividends in the long run. Team members with extensive tenure could secure their financial future, while a new set of leaders would bring fresh perspectives and tech-enabled solutions. In the short term, however, the threat was significant. Clients, simply put, didn’t want to lose their close, longstanding relationships and had to be assured the transition would be seamless. If the transition failed, high-profile clients might look elsewhere, and the competition would capitalize on any weakness. 


Decker started at the top of the organization, providing advice and a complete plan for engaging clients during the transition. We created a strategic communications plan with an overarching narrative to align the entire organization and guide all client conversations. 

Messaging work included scripts (along with video coaching) for the organization’s leader to deliver to all stakeholders and followed with a detailed change-management presentation and talking points that would guide new teams as they explained the transition and introduced themselves to existing clients. 

Next, through a series of workshops, we equipped the entire organization with a change-management plan. Finally, our consulting team worked with each impacted client team as they addressed unique challenges.


Every client was transitioned to new team members without losing any business, and client feedback scores were resoundingly positive. In addition, clients said they were deeply impressed with the change-management process, describing the messaging as  “honest and genius.” 

These clients expressed relief that this transition was so expertly executed. In addition, many clients reached out with specific questions and advice about the change-management process as they considered their own voluntary buyouts and other talent changes.

You really equipped us well with the workshops and consulting advice. By the time I had my client meeting, my team was completely set. It could have been a big problem, but it turned out to be a non-issue with clients. Just like we wanted.