Technology security company

Speaking a new language


This infrastructure leader in DNS enables reliable automation of and secure access to networks and services anytime, anywhere. The company was tackling their own digital transformation as a result of growing complexity across the technology landscape. While they were unquestionable leaders in DNS, they had a vision to expand its product offering to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity in the market. 

With two new products to bring to market, they had a sales team excited and ready to engage, but had a critical access issue – a completely different buyer. To reposition their company and its new products, they needed to connect with buyers at the executive level, not with the technology practitioners to whom they used to sell. It was time to elevate the message from tools and features to business outcomes.


Decker had partnered with the sales organization for many years, and the team of global sales engineers and sales reps embraced the methodology. Sales leadership engaged Decker to uplevel communications to include a completely new set of storytelling skills.

Decker’s consulting team worked alongside marketing and sales enablement to identify and refine the core message and then built persona-specific messages and talking points for three audiences: technical, sales, and C-suite. They also identified a government and public sector as a new industry target, which resulted in its own messaging that addressed a very difficult, complex sales cycle.

A series of workshops across EMEA, APAC and the Americas followed, cascading through the sales organization from leadership to solution architects and sales engineers to the Global BDR group. Building upon the Decker foundation they learned previously, each person built key narratives at the executive level, practiced their delivery of the message, and received feedback to get even better.

The program culminated with support for the government solutions division, which was running into difficulties renewing contracts. Workshops on navigating difficult conversations and repositioning value created tremendous change in their approach and negotiations.


The organization saw phenomenal growth at the enterprise level immediately following implementation. And the channel sales team is reveling in their ability to generate new leads.

You instantly grabbed their attention during the workshops. Most importantly, we are already hearing stories from our account managers regarding how they changed their talk track with partners in the meetings that followed yesterday afternoon.
C. Gracey Employee