Who’s In Your Top Ten Speakers

It’s almost time for our annual Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators of 2008 – and we’d love to hear what your choices might be. Comment here, or send an email, or Twitter me at bdecker, with the good and the bad – who you think should be on the list.

As a reminder, here is last year’s 2007 list, and remember that Barack Obama was #1 Best in 2006.

We have someone in mind already for #1, but maybe he can be ousted by someone you think of that hasn’t been on our radar. And there’s someone who probably will be on BOTH the best and the worst – that would be a first, and who could she be?

It’s fine to think of public speakers, but keep in mind we’re talking about communications here – and that is a lot broader than speech making. We’ll publish the list on December 31st.

9 comments on “Who’s In Your Top Ten Speakers

  1. As for katy of cbs, she couldnt stand palin as she upset that palin is better looking than her self, and she has went down hill and needed something to bring back up to that top if only katy had palins talent!!!

  2. I see colin powel as a traiter, he endorsed obama cause he is african american not because he truly wanted to leave his republican side, its all bull shit and he knows it!!!!

  3. Colin Powell has to be the speaker of the year. Yes, I am talking about the way he endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press last week.
    Rarely do I get moved so much by someone speaking, but his words were just magnificent and delivered like I have never experienced it before.
    Yes, he only had one significant “speech” in 2008, but it was so good it beat anything I have heard or seen this decade!