The New SlideShare Ribbon

SlideShare is a great application most of you know about and use – it allows everyone to share PowerPoint presentations and decks easily and effectively. And among other things they have The World’s Best Presentation Contest every year.

Now the SlideShare folks have come up with another new function. They worked with Microsoft on the “SlideShare Ribbon” which lets you use the full functionality of SlideShare from within PowerPoint. I think this is the first time a Web 2.0 property has been embedded so deeply into desktop productivity software.

You can download to SlideShare, upload, search, comment, and bookmark, all from within PowerPoint. And it gives the aspiring social media marketer a nice console for seeing how much reach (views, downloads, favoritings, etc).

Here is an introduction to the SlideShare Ribbon. It’s a great tool, but for now it’s Windows only – I understand the Mac version will be on the way before long.

So if you use PP and a PC and Windows, here is where you can get and install the SlideShare Ribbon.

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