World’s Best Presentation Contest Winners

Slideshare has just announced the winners of the first World’s Best Presentation Contest. OK, these are not really presentations, because they do not have the critical human element – but they are standalone PowerPoint decks – and useful to see what the best are doing.

What was exciting was that these were not just pedantic slide shows, but were visual and arresting. If only one of the entries had a “black slide” or an explanation of what went along with the visual support – they would have had me applauding! Most of us are still missing the point in what makes an arresting presentation –  it’s not the PowerPoint but the People.

We judged them on design, impact and message (or at least I did.) Guy Kawasaki, Garr Reynolds and Jerry Weisman were the other judges – and I think we pretty much agreed on the best of over 400 entries.

What I was delighted in was the originality and visual quality of almost all of the entries. And next I hope we can figure out a way to have videos of the actual presentations – then we will have a “Presentation Contest” worthy of the name. But this is a great start.

Winners (chosen by judges)

  1. ShiftHappens by Jbrenman
  2. Meet Henry by Chereemoore
  3. Sustainable Food Lab by Chrislandry

People’s Choice Winners

  1. PaniPuriAn Introduction by Thakkar
  2. ShiftHappens by Jbrenman
  3. Meet Henry by Chereeemoore

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    I am excited to share that the winners have been announced for Slideshare’s World’s Greatest Presentation Contest and the presentation, Meet Henry, submitted by Ethos3 Communications, won 2nd place and placed 3rd in the People’s Choice. We would like to