Better communication. Period.

We’re launching a new brand! We’re really proud of it because it represents the crazy awesome work that we do with you. But first some context…

We’re big believers in starting with why. When you’ve been doing something for more than 42 years, there must be a pretty darn good reason why

It all started back in 1978 when documentary filmmaker Bert Decker pitched a half-million-dollar idea for a new film—and completely bombed. He fumbled through the pitch with sweaty palms and a cracking, breathless voice. His ideas were great, but he left the investors underwhelmed, uninspired, and with no confidence that he could pull it off.

So, he set out to learn everything he could about effective communication. He focused on the ability to create an experience, connect with an audience, and deliver a message that motivates people to change the way they think or act. He created the Decker Method and Decker Grid to build a process and framework that anyone could use to transform their own experience. That’s why.

Over four decades we built upon that foundation and have trained, coached and consulted hundreds of thousands of leaders, teams and organizations to become confident, influential communicators. We watch as people find the power in their authentic voice, chart a course for a new direction and inspire others to do better. And there’s nothing more thrilling. That’s why.

As we brought all of this into focus, we realized it was high time for a makeover. It’s a bit like when you get your first job out of college, when you go through a huge life event or when you earn a big promotion. You’ve grown in skill and experience, and now you need to look the part and tell a new story about yourself. We evolved beyond the training company that was established in 1978, but our mission remains the same: to empower others to connect, influence and inspire. Or put another way…

We’re in it to see you do better. That’s why.

Better means there’s always something to dream about, reach for, and become. We marvel when you do better – when you’ve changed something about how you communicate and show up that makes an impact on, with and through the people and in the communities where you live, work, serve and play. We’re honored to come alongside you in your journey to be better.

It’s better communication. Period. For you. For your people. For your events.

So check out our new digs. Let’s do better together.

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