A Picture Tells the Story

Even a small picture or graphic can go take you further than a mountain of words.

At the far left you see a graphic from 2005 of some ‘eye tracking’ on a Google search page. Immediately we see a lot of energy going down the page as the eye searches down the page.

Next to that we see similar ‘eye tracking’ but from 2008 on another Google search page. There is high energy only as the eye searches for #1, 2 or 3 – but goes no further.

In three years dramatic change in how we view Google search. And how behavior changes.

My friend Bryan Eisenberg on his GrokDotCom website has the details on this great story about SEO (search engine optimization) – it’s more critical than ever to be #1 because people no longer have the patience to search even down the page – much less to the next page.

We can see it in their eyes. (See ThinkEyeTracking.)

And the visual continues to dominate in ANY communication experience.

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