Word of Mouth

There is no substitute for word of mouth communications – not just when you are selling a product, but when you are selling yourself. What do people say about you? Do you leave an afterglow after you are gone – whether from a speech or a meeting or a social interaction? That’s what we mean when we say you create your own communication experience.

This week there was a front page article in the San Francisco Business Times on a new startup, Ammo Marketing, that further extends the buzz around WOM. There’s also WOMMA (Word Of Mouth Marketing Association) which may be an association of which you do not yet know – but if you are a communicator you might want to – Chip Heath author of the great Made To Stick will be speaking at their conference April 17th. So is Sam Decker for that matter…

And then of course there’s son Sam’s company Bazaarvoice which has been around awhile (a year) and to great success. By the way, there is interesting background on the name, in case it struck you as a bit odd, (as it did me at first.) It’s well thought out actually, which is all a  part of creating that unique and impactful communication experience.

Which is what the communication experience is all about – word of mouth. After you speak, you want people to want a piece of you – and talk about you. After they sample your product, you want them to recommend you, and buy your product. After you lead, you want people to follow, and buy into your ideas. The best in business revolves around WOM.

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