Video Blog: What is customer loyalty?

What does the commonly used buzzword customer loyalty mean to you?

Think about a company or organization to which you are a frequent and loyal customer. What makes you return? What makes you talk about it to other people? Please answer in the comments!

In this week's video blog, I bring some clarity to the idea of customer loyalty, and challenge you to come up with your own examples. So often, it's the experience a business creates for us that make us come back. So start creating an image in your own mind of what makes you a repeat customer to some of your favorites, and make a plan to emulate that in your own business.

2 thoughts on “Video Blog: What is customer loyalty?
  1. Ben, you nailed it. It’s our point of differentiation. We work hard to create a culture in our company that is deserving of customers’ trust, confidence and ultimately their repeat business. If we execute short of that goal, we try to go above and beyond what the customer expects to earn back their trust and to be worthy again of their loyalty. We are in Hospitality. It is a difficult business, yet when we hear repeat customers who speak highly of both our company and our products; it is the most rewarding feeling in business. We understand and value that we have earned a customer’s loyalty.

  2. Dawn, Specialty’s is exactly what I’m talking about! Keep up the great work you’ve done with cultivating a loyal customer base. (BTW – Your cookies.. We were fans before we worked with you, and now we buy them weekly for our programs and they’re gobbled up immediately!)

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