Eloquence In His Brevity

Sully Sullenberger spoke publicly for the first time after his “Miracle on the Hudson.” He spoke for exactly 21 seconds – three sentences. There was eloquence in his brevity.

We of course wanted more – we were yearning to have him tell us how he did it, of the heroic efforts, and the drama. But Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger would have none of it at this celebration of the hometown hero in Danville, CA (my former hometown BTW.) All indications in the press to date show him to be a humble, highly competent man of integrity. And his ‘speech’ reflected nothing less.

Now I hope we hear more. We need heroes to emulate and to learn from. He is certainly a hero, and I hope he allows us to get to know him in book and person. I think he has a lot to teach us. About preparation and leadership, and teamwork.

This was like that first potato chip – tasted great, but leaves us thirsty, yearning for another, and another.

There was eloquence in his brevity, and now I want more. How about you?

7 comments on “Eloquence In His Brevity

  1. Thanks for all your comments. Always appreciate comments, good and bad (but particularly good!)
    And Heather, let me know what you think of my book. Hope you enjoy it – better yet, get value.

  2. Maybe the “more” we are all hoping for will come in the form of a book or movie.
    Just ordered your book on Amazon. Can’t WAIT to dive into it!

  3. Bert,
    Nice write-up. Hard to analyze even a 21-second speech in under 21 seconds. Sullenberger is the prototypical American hero. What an inspirational start to 2009 we’ve had.

  4. I really like the way that he spoke about the crew and not just himself. What a class act!
    Sign me up for the book when he writes it; I hope he writes it.

  5. His tremendous character, was solidified by his humility.
    But I agree; he can edify so many, and so many youths with a right message.
    While he enjoys a deserved is passing limelight, he could debrief the rest of us, including how to gain the skill and mindset to accomplish great things.
    I’d listen, and I’d be sure my children did.
    Thank You for covering this,