Are you in the weeds?

We’ve all been there – caught up in the shrinking world of tunnel vision.  But when communicating with others, being in the weeds can lose your audience. Last week I coached two executives, neither of whom had used video feedback before.  In both of these sessions, we addressed the need … Continue reading

Does your message stick?

I’m thrilled to introduce @MeredithGood, one of our newest team members brought on to do program development and marketing.  She’ll be contributing to the blog from now on, starting today! In true Decker form, we videotaped the entire Decker Made To Stick Messaging debut program so we could (what else?) … Continue reading

10 Steps to Make Your Meetings Better

Meetings – We all have ’em, can’t live with ’em, and can’t live without ’em. BNET did a video interview with me on some key points to communicate more effectively through meetings. Here are some additional tips we give to our clients at Decker Communications, Inc., where we train people … Continue reading

Presentation Zen – a best blog

If you follow blogs on communicating, you certainly know of Presentation Zen and Garr Reynolds. If not, sign on now, because… Everytime I try to find a great post of the week in Alltop’s speaking category, there rarely is any that beats the depth, interest and visual power of Garr’s … Continue reading

Video Revolution

Meetings will change! World’s first Live Holographic Video Feed Look at this amazing technology from Cisco – this is truly space age. Probably pretty expensive, and not for everyone, or every purpose. And yet I would predict this mutual effort from Cisco’s very successful ‘Telepresence’ and the 3d holographics of … Continue reading

The Last Speech of Randy Pausch

You might have heard of Randy Pausch this week. He just gave his last speech – he is a Carnegie Mellon computer professor (and founder of Virtual Reality) – and it is one that all should see. It is funny, insightful, engaging, profound – and a great example of fantastic … Continue reading