Nancy Duarte, and the power of Twitter

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday morning, and I was checking my iPhone in bed. There was a Twitter from Nancy Duarte Tweeting that she was speaking at the Apple Store in San Francisco, so I turned to my wife, Dru Scott Decker, and said, "Want to go?" This would be a chance for me to see Nancy, show the power of Twitter (which I'm still experimenting with), and also use my new Flip Video that was still in it's box! And Dru, also a best selling author who loves Nancy's book Slide:ology said "Yes - love to."

Nancy Duarte at Apple Store

So the Flip Video came out - and it works great for a very small (iPod size) video camera of adequate quality that you can immediately edit and put up on YouTube. Here's an example - my first shot.

And Nancy was great - overcoming a lot of background noise and distractions at a busy downtown Apple Store. Here is Nancy with her first key point, on the importance of Telling Great Stories.

She had terrific slides of course, but even moreso was her great content (Dru took some notes as I was busy with Flip Video):

  1. Tell Great Stories - she illustrated with visuals that ALSO told the great stories by themselves.
  2. Reach Beyond Projection - a presentation can be slides - projected, but she told also of the many other varieties, from decks (the written) to on the web, to PDA plus devices - where you can interact, collaborate, and view. In other words, the world of presentation is a new world.
  3. Show Don't Tell - and here she gave a great example of a Garr Reynolds' presentation on SlideShare.
  4. Create a Profound Experience - unusual was a chart of visual storytelling that looked for the conflict and resolution. Nancy said to identify those points in a preso where you want people to be conflicted, for conflict generates emotion generates action.

Dru Scott also bought a few more copies of Slide:ology. That deserved an iPhone picture.

The Flip Video was OK, but the quality isn't great when you have poor sound and a screen as background. For a longer and higher quality view of Nancy, you might try this interview.

Other tidbits:

  • Nancy said to use high quality images - they evoke credibility, and Duarte Design spends over $150,000 a year on images!
  • Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds have changed the process of creating and presenting in less than a year with their influence, blogs, and particularly their wonderful and complimentary books Slide:ology and Presentation Zen. Both books are in the top 100 at Amazon already. Amazing.
  • Twitter, Tribes (also in the top 100 at Amazon) and Technology are changing the face of communicating. (At least task and relationship communicating - nothing will ever replace 'face to face'...)
  • The video revolution continues. Flip Video costs $179 and enables anyone to immediately shoot and edit and be able to use videos in their PowerPoints, blog posts, YouTube or devices. And video is the BEST way to capture emotion to influence to action in a very short time.
2 thoughts on “Nancy Duarte, and the power of Twitter
  1. Hi Bert- loved your post. In fact, 7 years ago when I was in Corp America I took a bunch of your Decker courses- still have my stuff to this day- still relevant! And I just discovered Nancy’s book and Garr’s book this past week on Amazon and got them both. Plus you might also want to check out- Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson and The Back of The Napkin By Dan Roam. I’m doing some research on creating presentations for a client. And all these are excellent. Also have you heard of Slide Rocket ? Very cool PPT enhancing application- check it out. Plus I too got a Flip camera a while back and LOVE IT! So much potential with it and so easy to use. Thanks for your wonderfully informative and fun post!

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