Presentation Zen – a best blog

If you follow blogs on communicating, you certainly know of Presentation Zen and Garr Reynolds. If not, sign on now, because…

Everytime I try to find a great post of the week in Alltop’s speaking category, there rarely is any that beats the depth, interest and visual power of Garr’s work.

Here is his new post and recent review of Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers – a great new book reviewed countless places. But no review is as interesting as the Presentation Zen offering.

Presentation Zen blog stands head and shoulders above most of the rest because it is:

  1. Thorough. He does his research. Presentation Zen is deep, whether exploring type fonts or kinetic typography, or a book review, or great speaking, or the subtlety (or power) of a TED presentation.
  2. Design oriented. Because of this Garr is visual. Almost always he has video demonstrations of his points – a great tool. And he explains in graphic terms.
  3. Personal. You know his perspective and personality. He writes with a direct and personal style. It is interesting. He gives his opinion but doesn’t espouse causes that get in the way of his message. He keeps his focus on his one cause – good design.

So Presentation Zen is this week’s Alltop top hit. Although I think I’m going to exclude him from weekly picks from now on since he would too often be the pick. Just subscribe to his blog and get him regularly.

4 comments on “Presentation Zen – a best blog

  1. Hi,, I know this book. I read it also, simplicity is the key. I’ve made some presentations before, because I’m a consultant also, presenting my works to client is an important thing to do. So I combine the simplicity principle Garr suggest on his book, with comprehensive information that my clients need. The result is amazing, my client and my colleague are trusting me for making their presentations then. Thanks to Garr Reynold, I see presentation is a entertainment media not “only” communication media.