Video Blog: Carrie Prejean on the Today Show

Here’s my first attempt at a video blog! This is hopefully one of many quick videos where I’ll give feedback for communication in the news.

I also want to give you feedback! Send me a video of you giving a presentation, doing Q&A, or rehearsing a speech (less than 10 mins please) and I’ll choose one to post about each week or so. Don’t worry – I’ll be very nice, but also honest so that my feedback can help.

In the video below, I’m giving some off-the-cuff 1×1 feedback for Carrie Prejean’s recent (and somewhat hostile) interview on the Today Show (1×1 feedback is a modified version of Decker’s 3×3 keepers and improvements because the video clip is so short.)

Enjoy – and send your videos to!

10 comments on “Video Blog: Carrie Prejean on the Today Show

  1. I like the short video format and the way it makes your concept clear. What might help is a title that better reflects the point, e.g., 1×1 Feedback on Carrie Prejean on Today Show. Looking forward to more!

  2. Ben,

    Great format. Liked the quick and simple feedback. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this format, and of your critiques of reader videos.

    Cheers and great work,


    • Thanks Chris! I look forward to doing another vlog early next week. You should send me in a video! I’m also open to suggestions for new videos to talk about (though usually the marketing dept decides and shows them to me immediately before we tape). Glad you’re liking the vlog format and thanks for the feedback.

  3. Ben,
    This was a great way to illustrate points—pictures truly are worth a thousand words. In this case, body language and gestures, tone, and language left this person less than likable in an interview that should have gotten people on her side. That would have been difficult to do with words alone. Visuals were very effective. I look forward to seeing more!

  4. Carrie needs Decker training, stat! She does not come across as likeable, nor credible. In addition to her hostile face and body language, Carrie used way too many “I’s”! She gives the audience no reason to connect with her.

    Love the vlog format, btw!

  5. Ben,

    Please keep these coming. Your objectivity is a helpful balance to the news reports.

    I must also thank you for your courtesy during last month’s course.


  6. I really appreciate your presentation format. You present an example (Carrie Prejean),provide an honest critique of her interview and you present a succinct, informative message for communication improvement. You have already given me some things to work on in my own communication style. I appreciate the video format because it is like seeing you in person…face to face. Regards, A. Adams.