The New SlideShare Ribbon

SlideShare is a great application most of you know about and use – it allows everyone to share PowerPoint presentations and decks easily and effectively. And among other things they have The World’s Best Presentation Contest every year. Now the SlideShare folks have come up with another new function. They … Continue reading

Presentation Zen – a best blog

If you follow blogs on communicating, you certainly know of Presentation Zen and Garr Reynolds. If not, sign on now, because… Everytime I try to find a great post of the week in Alltop’s speaking category, there rarely is any that beats the depth, interest and visual power of Garr’s … Continue reading

Connection Trumps Everything

Dave Paradi had an interesting post this week titled, “Does Great Content Trump Poor Visuals.” (Another in my weekly Best of Alltop on Speaking.) As he told the story of an academic presentation with powerful content but terrible slides, he noted that flashy visuals can’t make the case with little … Continue reading

You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard

With today’s headlines, now more than ever “You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard.” So I’m delighted to announce the release of my newly revised book, just published in hard cover from St. Martins Press! Some great blog reviews already received are from Nancy Duarte of Slide:ology fame, Garr … Continue reading

SlideShare – World’s Best Slideshows

SlideShare has announced the winners of the World’s Best Presentation Contest. #1 was THIRST View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: design crisis) And very well deserved. Creative, with powerful advocacy. You will never know how little you knew about water… Judges were Guy Kawasaki, Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte … Continue reading

New Improved SlideShare Contest

The Second Annual SlideShare Contest is underway, and it is improved, interesting and invaluable. Three reasons: SlideShare is a unique website which is: furthering the dialogue about how to use PowerPoint/Keynote presenting a myriad of vivid examples of excellence (and sometimes not so excellent) ultimately honing in on the important … Continue reading

Presentation Zen – An Instant Classic

Presentation Zen is a new book by Garr Reynolds that should be read by any business presenter, leader, politician, professional… well, by everybody. It’s that good. This book about presentation design is about much more than that, and I recommend you run right out and get it (or rather log … Continue reading

Ten Questions with Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte has a new book coming out in 2008, and you can be sure it will be innovative. Nancy and her husband Mark run Duarte Design in Silicon Valley, and are more than on the cutting edge of design – they ARE the cutting edge. We’ve talked about their … Continue reading