Slide:ology – 20 Years Beyond PowerPoint

In Nancy Duarte’s first and great book “slide:ology” she shows a vivid timeline of the history of Visual Aids – with PowerPoint dominating since 1987. If she had written this book 20 years ago, perhaps we wouldn’t have the PowerPoint Abuse we have today. Nancy leads us now – and shows us how to create engaging and compelling visual support for our messages. Get her interview here.

I repeat what I said in the forward to her book, “It’s more than slides and design – it’s about communications and inspiration. And this book will help anyone – beginner or top professional – to get to the top of their game.”

Read these good reviews – I couldn’t detail it as well – and then click on Amazon and get the book:

If you scan all these reviews, and don’t get the book, you’re not on the right blog!

And Nancy has a great new blog too.

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