Communicating Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki’s new book Enchantment publishes today. It’s already a best seller, and it’s very good – typical Kawasaki in its wit, irreverence and relevance. And it’s really all about communication – which is why it’s here! Example chapters: How to Achieve Likability How to Achieve Trustworthiness How to Prepare … Continue reading

Thankful for “Reality Check”

With so many good books out recently… “Outliers“, “Tribes“, “You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard” – had to have that in there ;-) why single out Guy Kawasaki’s “Reality Check” on this Thanksgiving? Because… It’s that good. It’s a big book. You can get a multitude of tips … Continue reading

You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard

With today’s headlines, now more than ever “You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard.” So I’m delighted to announce the release of my newly revised book, just published in hard cover from St. Martins Press! Some great blog reviews already received are from Nancy Duarte of Slide:ology fame, Garr … Continue reading

They Don’t Tell Stories (CEO mistake #2)

Before email, before the computer, even before the Guttenberg Press – there were communication and speeches. And those speeches had STORIES. And they communicated with power and emotion. Where have all the flowers (er, stories) gone – (actually not a bad metaphor, stories are a fragrant aroma in a good … Continue reading