Leading Technology Company

Investing in inspiration


Big events are a big investment. With over 12,000 customers attending its yearly conference, a leading tech company had to make sure its speakers inspired, captivated, and delighted their audience. They had to develop inspirational messages that balanced customer commitment and innovation. And they had to do so in a way that provided an element of surprise and delight.


With their corporate messaging completed for the event, the company reached out specifically to help speakers deliver a dynamic experience. Through multiple video recordings and practice sessions, the speakers learned to transform their habits and engage the audience in their own authentic style. 

The following year, Decker was asked to help more broadly with the event. There was something missing from the previous year…the message. The content needed to be as dynamic as the speakers – taking the jargon out and putting the stories in. 

Decker consultants became an extension of the team, working closely with internal communications and events teams to co-create messaging that was customer focused, both by industry as well as specific personas. The content shifted from logic to emotion, as data points transformed into compelling narratives. 

And we were there on the big day for final run throughs and feedback, and encouraging pep talks.


The results were transformational. Several executives realized that their communications beyond the bright lights and big stage were just as critical. The team continues to leverage Decker for ongoing, one-on-one coaching sessions to enhance their executive presence, cascade vision, and influence throughout their daily business practice. Seeing the shift in themselves, the executives expanded the Decker methodology to further their own teams through a series of workshops that included customer experience, service, and support, sales, and marketing.

I wanted to thank you again for all of the time, expertise, and care you gave to the Conference presenter prep. The session recordings went well and it’s clear that you elevated the viewer experience with your presentation tips and bespoke coaching for our speakers.