Why Melinda Doolittle Lost

Shocking and disappointing that Melinda Doolittle was voted off American Idol tonight. She is a great singer, and was the best on the show (in most everyone's opinion - not to just my musically untrained ear.)

Way back in her first exciting tryout I put up a post here, and also this YouTube comment, hoping then that she would gain in personal confidence and power in order to match her voice. When she performs, she IS confident and powerful. But in person she shrinks up - and even after her successes in these last 11 weeks she did not own and display the personality of a star - which she is. Grow yes - bloom no. People treat you exactly as you ask to be treated, and Melinda did not step up to be the star she is.

Too bad,  and there's a lesson for all of us as speakers, communicators and leaders.

Be all of yourself - and when in doubt, act as if.

In speaking, communication rides energy. People are interested in people who are interesting - vital, powerful and energetic. That's also the way the majority tends to vote in politics, and it seems on American Idol as well.

One thought on “Why Melinda Doolittle Lost
  1. It is somewhat unnerving that content plays 2nd place to style whether it be in American Idol, politics, business, etc… Your points on the importance of presentation are clearly well taken. However, since it is rare to have both talent and exceptional communications’ skills it may be easier to educate the public on recognizing content rather than trying to turn our gems into something they will never be.
    As far as AI goes, this was the first season I ever looked at it and Melinda was a main reason. Once I was told people could vote any number of times for a singer the show lost much of its excitement, though I still enjoyed many of the performances.
    I suspect we haven’t heard the last from Miss Doolittle. She’s a great talent.

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