Back to the Mac

Years ago I was an original member of the “Mac Pack” – those Macintosh addicts who loved it. Then with lost market share, and almost all of our clients on Windows, I switched to the PC and, liking all things tech anyway, have been happily figuring things out in the less fun and easy Windows interface – until now.

Wait on Windows

Last week I had to upgrade memory and power with a new light Sony VAIO, and that meant Vista as an Operating System – since it sold with it. What a headache – and what’s worse, I was shocked to see that many programs were not yet compatible a few months after launch, and particularly some key Adobe ones (can you believe when I called Adobe they said Acrobat didn’t even have a date yet when it would work with Vista.) Wasted much of a day.

So I returned the whole computer – and have decided that when I get my iPhone in June I will switch back to the Mac. It’s time. (Normally I don’t rant on my blog, but thought that several of you will be upgrading computers in the near future and thus be stuck with the Vista OS, so wanted to warn you of the pitfalls. Check your software for compatibility beforehand – or switch.)

2 comments on “Back to the Mac

  1. This is why you:
    A) build your own computer – pick your preferred OS instead of having it dictated to you
    B) never buy software when it first comes out.
    I actually work on both a PC and a MAC.