Video Blog: Gary Vaynerchuk knows influence

It's gotten easy to sit behind a computer and communicate, but we know that in order to influence change, to motivate others, to connect with people -- we have to get in front of them. I had the chance to see Gary Vaynerchuk at a book signing this morning (practically at sunrise!) where he pitched not only The Thank You Economy, but taking that next step to engage with others.

Check out the latest video blog with tips and takeaways from my experience with Gary.

It's Wednesday. What can you do before the end of the week to engage with others? Do a video conference instead of a call (iChat or Skype will do it)? Send a 2 minute video instead of a memo?

5 thoughts on “Video Blog: Gary Vaynerchuk knows influence
  1. It’s always great to see my beautiful face show up in a video blog!
    Gary was great and his point was clear. Meeting in person matters! Your POV matters! Engage with and thank your customers!

  2. Way to practice what you preach with this video. I feel like I know, and like, you a little more as a result.
    I recently saw @garyvee perform his keynote at SXSW Interactive. He has an amazing stage presence. I was a skeptic, and left converted. He leads with his heart.

  3. Ben, GOT IT!
    People learn by seeing, hearing and doing.
    Combining one or more increases the odds they’ll GET IT!
    I’ve started putting the audio, me reading my Post, at the beginning of all Posts. It literally gives my Posts, and me, a voice for readers and listeners.

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