Super Bowl Commercial Contest

A few weeks ago we posted a video here of a funny and memorable Super Bowl commercial, without the sponsor ID’d. When I asked you to reply whether you remembered the sponsor (if you saw the commercial,) I predicted that less than 20% would connect the two. I was wrong – it was less than 20%!

So remember this – when you tell stories in your presentations (and we hope you do), be sure to have them connect to your points or concepts. People may not readily remember the points, but they will remember the stories, which are then memory hooks for the meat of what you want to say.

Another point – what actually do we remember from presentations? Unfortunately very little of the facts and figures, but we remember stories and visuals! Which is why we want to think in terms of SHARPs, and become story tellers. As long as we hook our stories to a point – we’ll get our point across and make an impact.

4 comments on “Super Bowl Commercial Contest

  1. I just came across this site for the first time. The commercial’s during the last superbowl were terrible. I have a fantastic idea for a humerous and memorable commercial. Do you know of any commercial contests coming up?
    Mo Tanner

  2. Hi I would like to know how to get in on the contest for next years super bowl commercial contest.
    thank you

  3. Points can bore the troops while a good solid story that illustrates the point is like mind candy. People tend to always remember and if you happen to be a good story teller…you will always leave them wanting more.
    I enjoy reading your BLOG. I too found you thanks to your fantastic son!
    Ripple On!
    Steve Harper

  4. That commercial reminds me of the first GoDaddy commercial (poor taste and advertiser name forgetable).
    I’ve always believed in O’HUG Communication (Open, Honest, Upfront, and Good = clear, consupicuous, comprehensive, and comprehendable) whether it’s in ads or in personal communication. I think we’ve both enjoyed observing human nature/behavior over a full business career.
    I found your site by way of your son’s (Sam) new business (, and I am looking forward to meeting him at the Dallas, Tx. ad:tech IMPACT Conference on 3/9/06.