New look, expanded outlook!

Today we’ve redesigned the blog and moved to WordPress. More importantly though…

We’re excited about change at Decker Communications, Inc. I started this blog over four years ago (here’s the first post.) Didn’t know much about blogs then, but my ultra techie son Sam Decker (@SamDecker) of the fast growing Bazaarvoice got me started – and seems clients and others have found value over these years.

Now that my other son Ben Decker is President of Decker, and he and his ultra talented wife and Executive VP Kelly Decker have pretty much taken over managing and expanding our communications consulting and training business – it’s time for their voices to be more prominent. I’ll be continuing to post, and now and then you’ll hear from one of our Program Leaders or a guest communicator as well. Our plan is to increase the breadth and depth of our coverage while not losing focus.

We’ll continue to blog about insights, tips and new ideas on the behavior and messaging of communicating in the business world. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and we will apply our 30 years experience of what works – so you can create YOUR communications experience – in any situation.

We’ll continue to cover personal communications, leadership influence and the impact of exploding technology in speeches, meetings and conferences. (See last post.) We’ll always have a consistent Point Of View – making the subject one of value to you, our clients and readers. But we’ll have some fresh perspectives now, and different personal approaches as well.

So thanks for subscribing and reading – and tell us what you’d like to hear about. We’ll plan to make good use of your time.

6 comments on “New look, expanded outlook!

  1. Wendy, Janice, Chris, Lisa and Rich –

    Thanks! We appreciate the great comments. Just getting familiar with new systems. But WordPress is pretty intuitive.


  2. Looks terrific Bert. Nice and clean with lots of white space for an easy read.