Just Do It!

Do NOT use beta blockers (or alcohol or other drugs) to overcome the fear of public speaking (affectionately referred in the biz as Glossophobia.)

To most of you that seems strange - who would do such a thing. The fear of speaking afflicts more than you think - and strange antidotes come up.About two months agoI had a top level executive ask me whether he should take "his beta blockers" before coming to his one day Platinum Executive Coaching session with me. (Obviously not.)

And then I just ran across this great post on Public Speaking Sucker , rightly recommending against a new drug that some are using called Seroquel.

The ONLY way to get over the fear of public speaking is to 'just do it.' But do it with feedback and coaching - video feedback is critical. With practice under pressure comes confidence and skill.

"The skill to do comes from the doing." Cicero

"Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain." Emerson

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