Bob Geren Uses Principles, Insights and Feedback from Decker Communications every day

Executive Coaching

Gain clarity, confidence, and effectiveness in every situation. Platinum Executive Coaching is the highest level of personalized communications coaching for top executives — led by a member of the Decker senior team. Tailored specifically for your individual needs as a top executive and leader, this intensive program includes all aspects of the Decker Method™ with additional exercises to help you increase spontaneity, think on your feet, and handle media effectively.

Following a Platinum experience, we will help customize a plan for continuous development and improvement. Offerings include Platinum Follow-up Sessions, Ongoing Executive Communication Coaching and Long-term Executive Consulting.

Designed for: All business professionals at an executive or managerial level

Executive Coaching

This one-of-a-kind experience will enhance your speaking, communication and leadership excellence:

  • Build on communication strengths and needs with “Pivot Points”
  • Quickly organize your thoughts and create a focused message
  • Increase spontaneity and quick thinking with special exercises
  • Learn media techniques and tips personalized to your needs
  • Impact your behavior permanently with extensive video feedback
  • Grasp techniques for creating a “credibility factor” and executive presence
  • Create rapport and connection with any audience in your natural style
  • Conquer the “5 Biggest Mistakes of a CEO”
  • Receive continuous improvement with an ongoing coaching system beyond the one day experience