Don’t Waste Time: What’s The Point?

Jeff Bezos

Get to the point, or I will walk out of this meeting.

It’s an aggressive approach, but this strategy works for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to keep meetings moving. I love that the Washington Post shared this insight because we can all learn from it. The busy CEO has no time to sit in meetings, spin his wheels or get stuck in the weeds. If you want his attention, you’d better get straight to the point.

Even if you don’t work for Bezos, chances are that your CEO or manager or peers wrestle with the same issue, wondering, “What are we talking about? What’s the point?”

How do you navigate meetings, improve productivity and get results?

At Decker, we introduce a tool called the Decker GridTM, which helps put together thoughts and ideas for any message, using an influential mindset, versus an informative one. That’s what the Bezos’ of the world are looking for. And aren’t we all? None of us like to be in meetings where we don’t know what the point is – and it happens far too often. If we continue to think about our listeners and where we want to take them, it will ensure an action-oriented message comes through. Listeners are always thankful for that.

Don’t wait until the end to reveal your point of view.

Share it at the beginning. We work through this key tip in our Decker Made to Stick Messaging program, which takes us back to Journalism 101: Don’t bury the lead.

And it works! Just this past week, I heard from the COO of one of the spirits companies we trained. He told me that he and his team have adopted this process, and it’s changing their business culture. People are getting to the point faster, and their meetings and calls are way more efficient.

This approach to messaging applies to voicemail, email, conference calls – and really, even 1-on-1 reviews.

Get to the point. Get results.

And hopefully you stuck with me long enough to see this last sentence.


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