Decker Made to Stick Messaging

Decker Made to Stick Messaging for Individual Participants

The communications experts at Decker have joined forces with Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the best-seller Made to Stick, to design a program that will make your ideas stick with your customers, coworkers, and bosses – and maybe even your kids.

Grab a seat in one of our open-enrollment workshops held monthly in San Francisco or New York City. You’ll develop your ideas alongside participants from a variety of industries and backgrounds, enabling you to understand how your message comes across to people outside of your office and industry.

Come prepared with a pitch idea in mind, and actively work on it throughout the day as you’re led through the principles to make it stick. Then see for yourself how you transformed your own idea with your before and after recordings. Ideal for leaders, sales people, speakers, managers and professionals who must persuade and convince others to action.

Designed for: All business professionals, at any level of the organization
Prerequisite: None


This open-enrollment public program in San Francisco and New York City offers expert instruction in a fun, interactive environment, where you’ll learn to:

  • Beat the “Curse of Knowledge,” the single biggest obstacle to clear messages
  • Create a message that your listener will hear and act on using the Decker Grid System
  • Find the “core” of your idea (and why so many communicators inadvertently bury it)
  • Use the principles of memory research to make your message unforgettable
  • Make data and numbers stick using the “human scale principle”
  • See how the six principles of sticky ideas can transform messages at all levels: from speeches to presentations to your very next email and phone call