Answer First

“Executives communicate that way, and they want to be communicated to that way (in 1x1s or in a presentation). Why would an executive promote someone who rambles or seems indecisive?”

This was one of Five Tips to Answer First, part of a very good series on Career Tips from Decker Marketing. (Yes, that’s my son Sam’s very good blog I’m proud to say.) It’s Tip #13, and deals directly with communications.

Answer First points to the most important ‘content’ point we stress at Decker Communications – have a strong POV (Point Of View) or Focus. So many business presentations are rambling and information laden that they become datadumps. That’s one reason executives want you to get right to the point – they don’t have time for it, much less the patience.

Tell ’em what your going to say, say it, and tell ’em what you said. The salesperson’s adage works for communications – because we are always selling our ideas when we are speaking.

A sure fire test for being on point is answering the “So What?” question. If your listener or anyone in the audience can say “So what?” as you are talking to them, you do not have a strong POV.

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