Who’s in your 10?

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and in the blink of an eye we’ll be ringing in the new year. Which means that it’s time for the annual best and worst lists – top songs, TV shows, news stories, moments of greatness, moments of defeat. And at Decker, we’re prepping our 6th annual list of the Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators.

Last year’s list featured Captain Sully as the Best, while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was hands down the Worst. There was quite a stir from readers as Sarah Palin was listed among the best, and President Obama among the worst.

Two shoo-ins for 2010: Sebastien Piniera, President of Chile looks to be leading the pack on the best list. And one of the worst (if not THE worst)…Tony Hayward, now former CEO of BP.

What about the rest of them – communicators from business, sports, entertainment, and politics? How did communications make or break them?

  • Is Mark Zuckerberg among the best or worst?
  • Will Steve Jobs land another spot on the best?
  • It’s been a political year…will Obama and Palin repeat, and on which list? Who might join them?

As always, you can expect some obvious and some obscure, but all will have a key teaching point around communications for all of us.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Weigh in with your thoughts. Who’s in your 10?

2 comments on “Who’s in your 10?

  1. Three for the worst list.

    Rand Paul and Jack Conway.

    Conway for the bogus way he attacked Mr. Paul and Paul because he responded so immaturely to the attack. A good communicator must be able to tell the truth and not depend on obviously bogus issues from a person’s college days. In the same manner, when attacked a leader must respond as if he expects others to be silly and unfair. Mr. Paul reacted as though he were a three year old.

    Mr. Obama for his pedantic, petulant and childish rants at those with whom he disagreed and for being in denial about his faults.