Video Blog: Tell a story to land your point

Recently, I coached an executive who shared a great example of business storytelling, as an alternative to getting bogged down in data speak. I now share it so you keep using SHARPs (Stories, Humor, Analogies, References & Quotes, Pictures & Visuals) to drive your points and lead others to action.

Enjoy! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments and share your own stories.

One comment on “Video Blog: Tell a story to land your point

  1. You nailed it, Ben.

    The Formula for the Body of a Presentation is:
    1. Make a Point
    2. Tell a Story. Preferably, a personal story, because no one can tell your story like you and no one should tell it without your permission.

    Repeat the above two steps three to five times.

    Thanks for the Post!