Video Blog: Steve Jobs motivated with numbers

Before coming up for air from the new Steve Jobs biography, I stumbled across a great example of how to motivate people by using graspable numbers. We call this a SHARP (Stories, Humor, Analogies, References and Quotes, Pictures and Visuals) using human scale statistics, which we've covered before but will again because it's so valuable.

Take a look and see how you can incorporate this idea in to your next opportunity.

One thought on “Video Blog: Steve Jobs motivated with numbers
  1. I GET IT! Ben.
    It’s all in the context of the way those numbers are presented, isn’t it.
    I used to be in the Office Coffee Service Business. We didn’t coffee it by the pound, we sold it by the cup!
    You also gave an example of how important the “Back Story” is to a point we make when presenting.
    Thanks for the Post!

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