Video Blog: Consider your electronic personality

Let's say we have a meeting coming up. We think about what our Power Point deck looks like, what we're going to wear, and even whether to staple or paperclip our handouts.

Meetings only happen so often. But we're sending out emails, tweets, and posts every few minutes all day long. Do you think about how you come across electronically the same way you think about how you come across in person? It's time to put some emphasis on your electronic personality, too.

Your turn to share. Have you ever been doing business with someone electronically, and when you finally meet them in person, it's a different experience? Any other stories? Please do in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Video Blog: Consider your electronic personality
  1. I’ve done business with people that are so used to texting that their business communications turn into texts. What I mean is that I see the same bad grammar, spelling and abbreviations used while texting, being used in regular email. “GR82CU at the show…” Really??? Everything we do and say, including electronic messages, projects another aspect of our brand and maybe even more importantly, our selves.
    As always thank you for your helpful tips and introspective topics. They challenge me to be more aware and empower me to be better.

  2. Dawn- It’s actually a major issue, especially with the younger generation. There are kids that don’t want social interaction, and just want to text or email a store for their question. We can’t let that bleed into business and how we relate to each other, and have to rectify as college students come into the work force. Thanks for your comments!

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