Typos and Airplane Trays

Airplane Tray Table

Ever flipped down an airplane tray and said, “Eeeeew”? If these things aren’t serviced, checked and cleaned, what about the engine? Am I safe? Am I taken care of? Makes you wonder.

Just last week, we received an email to info@decker.com that referenced Mr. Becker. Since my last name is Decker, this couldn’t be for me, right? When someone calls you by the wrong name, it adds distance and pushes you away. It feels both personal and frustrating. Our VP of Sales discarded that email immediately, thanks to just one wrong letter. The sender and the organization from which it came were tainted by an easily correctable error.

We talk a lot about the importance of the visual channel when you are meeting in person, but oftentimes, the written or electronic mediums precede our chances of having an in-person exchange. Misspelling subject lines, company or contact names are all part of the total communication experience. And when you make a mistake, you’re already behind.

Even writing something like “f/u” in a subject line, instead of “follow up,” can be misconstrued to our detriment. That two letter abbreviation CAN mean something else. Sure, we can excuse it and laugh it off if a solid relationship is established, but that’s not always the case. Even when I see it in an email from someone I know well, it throws me for a loop.

Remember that each email is an extension of you, your brand, your presence. As we say here at Decker, the angels are in the details. Don’t sacrifice that polish.


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