They Are Just Like Us (Nervous)


To kick off the #FearNoShame campaign this week in recognition of World Aids Day, Prince Harry shared a secret fear.

He shared that his fear is public speaking.

No matter how big the crowd or the audience.

I sometimes buy US Weekly from the newsstand at the airport when I travel, and when I get home, I act like I bought it for Kelly. (Yes, really). It has a section called, “They’re just like us…” that shows pictures of celebrities grocery shopping, bundling up in the winter, running errands, cooking dinner, eating ice cream – duh, of course they do! But for some reason it puts people at ease to know that famous people do and feel the same things as the rest of us.

We at Decker get to work with hundreds of executives who have to talk to 10 or 200+ people every single day, and guess what – they get nervous, too. Almost all of them. And it’s not a bad thing!

You might laugh to learn that Kelly and I always say that if we are not nervous before a big speech, we know something is wrong.

The goal isn’t to get rid of the butterflies. The goal is to get the butterflies to fly in formation.

Find a way to channel that nervousness. Embrace it, and realize you’re better than you think you are! The #1 way to get around your nerves is to record yourself and watch it – see yourself so that you know exactly what’s happening. It’s a huge confidence booster, and when done right it makes all the difference. It’s why it’s one of the two foundations of all our coaching and training.

If you don’t have time to get on video (perhaps your presentation is today), ask anyone who was watching you, “Did I come across as nervous?” If they say yes, ask them how. Maybe you were breathing hard, or speaking too fast. If so, then change that behavior next time.

And if you’re thinking, “I don’t get nervous, this doesn’t apply to me,” well, are you actually any good?

That’s a whole ‘nother blog…

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