Teamwork and Passion

When you are inspiring your troops about teamwork, you might use this idea from a great book “sub-merge.”

In talking about members of an inner city mission who stuck together and were able to change lives, InnerCHANGE founder John Hayes said:

“…many were able to sustain long-term, even lifetime, commitments to one another in rigorous mission among the poor. Their lives recall the wisdom of an ancient Swedish proverb: 

‘Shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow.’

We have found this to be true, that joined in commiitted community we are better able to bear losses and authentically celebrate victories.”

This same weekend I saw Amadeus again – great movie. I hadn’t heard this quote the first time through – but you might be able to use it as you talk to your team about passion and substance. As Joseph II was listening to Mozart on one of his delightful rants, the Emperor said,

“You are passionate – but you do not persuade.”

No question that effective communication rides energy, but it reminds us that we must have a focus and a POV if we want to influence and persuade. Even if we’re Mozart.

3 comments on “Teamwork and Passion

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  2. “You are passionate – but you do not persuade” This is exactly my problem ! Persuasion may come with years and experience as Mozart’s learned himself. :)