Steve Jobs the Communicator

Above all, he communicated his brilliant concepts to millions of people, brilliantly.

So much is now being said about Steve Jobs’s brilliance – and deservedly so. He was one of a kind. Here is the acknowledged leader and innovator in the world of computers, media, music and business – and yet on the side he built Pixar into the best animation studio in the world and became Disney’s largest stockholder. Amazing.

But what strikes me most about Steve Jobs is that he had no peer in inspiring and motivating others. Not just his employees, not just his customers, but the world. Because of his communicating ability he became a rock star. I remember when I got up at 5AM to go to Moscone Center in San Francisco to hear him announce the iPhone, and I was too late – the line was already three blocks long. Who could have ever predicted that an executive who really is just making a product announcement would be able to command such attention. Amazing.

He was unparalleled. We had him on our Top Ten Best Communicators list several times – and actually he could have been #1 every year but that would have been boring.

He was never boring. He brought us so much. He is a worthy model to emulate. He will be so missed.

3 comments on “Steve Jobs the Communicator

  1. Couldn’t agree more!

    I love how he focused on the “who” not the “what” in his products and ideas. It allowed him to connect to consumers in a way that few other executives could. That connection built a trust factor that keeps customers loyal to Apple.

  2. Indeed Steve Jobs was a great communicator and there was no parallel match to him. The best part about Steve was that he never used to talk in a way as of selling the product but as selling the “benefits”. Naturally the audience was drawn towards the product by the force of his words. I would say he was one of the best marketeers who knew his audience, knew what they wanted and knew how to present it to them.

    Steve Jobs will continue to live through his words that he has spoken to us.

  3. Good thoughts, Bert.

    He was the BEST. When we think about how productive he was in his last years, with the pain and knowledge of death sooner rather than later, he was truly inspiring.

    Let’s all “Think Different.”

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs.