Steve Jobs is #1

Another great Job by Jobs at Macworld.

We rated Steve Jobs as the #1 Communicator of 2005 in our annual Ten Best and Worst list, and he did it again. For an in depth review of the presentation and impact, you can't go better than Guy Kawasaki's review on his great blog.

And if you're a communications student (and even a junkie on the stuff) - and you must be since you are reading this blog - two of the best other blogs that are must reads are Guy's and Garr Reynolds. Read these three regularly and it's a virtual communications school.

So here's to good communicating in 2006!

One thought on “Steve Jobs is #1
  1. I would like to extend my deepest congratulations to Steve Jobs for nabbing the top spot once again. But then again, we must learn that communication would not be effective if he did not have management skills that would give him this honor. We can also become like him one day when we do our best to communicate efficiently and effectively.

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