Speaking On A Panel: 3 Tips

So, you've been asked to speak on a panel—what now?

Whether you like to prepare a lot (or not at all), here are three things to think about that will help ensure success at your next panel.

When you're on a panel, it should feel like a casual conversation between you and a group of friends (even if you're just meeting for the first time).

Stay present and listen to the answers and opinions of the other panelists. It's okay to ask them questions or dive deeper into a particular idea—just go for it! No need to be formal or stiff, bring out the natural you with these tips.

Next week, we'll share 3 more tips for what to do if you're the moderator on an upcoming panel.

2 thoughts on “Speaking On A Panel: 3 Tips
  1. Great tips on the panel discussion, Ben! Not long ago I was invited to be on a panel with 4 other Mortgage Industry professionals, presenting to Realtors in Contra Costa County. While I did write down some topical notes and prepared my thoughts in anticipation of some possible questions, I felt strangely “comfortable” in front of two-hundred industry peers. Thanks to Decker Communications and your training sessions, I was able to align “the butterflies in my stomach” and able to remain engaged with my panel colleagues and really build off of the direction subject content. It made for an interesting discussion for all involved. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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