PowerPoint Abuse

Just because about 95% of people in business today commit PowerPoint abuse doesn’t mean you have to. And don't be one of those who say proudly, “Well then - I don’t use PowerPoints!” Too bad, you’re missing a great tool. Used correctly that is.

In our trainings we continuously see the abuse, and now and then hear the proud PP escapee’s mantra "That's why I won't use them." So we show them and teach them and convince them that you can get out of PP prison – it only takes a few concepts.

In the coming weeks we’ll give some tips, starting with the following. But if you want to get right into it, go directly to https://www.presentationzen.blogs.com/ Don’t pass go. It’s a great blog, - particularly with the unusually accurate communications philosophy and the use of images vs. words.

PP Tip #1:

PowerPoints are NOT your presentation. YOU are your presentation. Don’t go right to the computer and put the words on your PPs. The first step is not a linear, analytical written speech in PP slides. First figure out what you want to say. What’s your point? What do you want people to do? What’s in it for them? (We call this the Preparation Triangle, in “Creating Messages That Motivate”)

Think first in concepts, not words. And outline your thoughts in trigger words. (A trigger word is a note concept - a word or two about which you could speak for 30 seconds to five minutes.

Use pictures instead of words. Or use big words AS pictures or symbols. And yes, less is more. But that’s all after you put together your thoughts in note (trigger word) form. You need to outline what you want to say, and THEN create your PPs to support your message. And then convince, persuade and influence!

No more data dumps!

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