Own Your Space

This past weekend I was at a conference that had all the participants at about a dozen tables introducing themselves to the entire group. What a disparity!

Some were powerful, some insightful, some funny – and way too many were long and a bit dull. Typical.

But what I found interesting was how only about a third actually used the room – and owned their space. This is essential whether giving a short introduction or making a long presentation. It makes a difference in how people experience your communications as posture and movement is the base:

  • Own the Room – what the good communicators did was stand up and take the microphone and MOVE to a side of the room where they could see everyone, and vice versa. Far too many were in the middle of the room and were speaking in the round, but never turning around. So many people just saw his or her back. Not effective.
  • Pause until positioned – then many who did go to the side began talking as soon as they got up. Best to take the mike, move to position, then begin. That shows confidence and authority.
  • Stand and Deliver, but move – as in any presentation, it’s good to move. When we are excited, confident and enthused about our subject – our voice, face, hands and feet will show it. We are animated – after all if we aren’t excited about our subject, why should our listeners be even interested. And when you are introducing yourself, you should be excited.

Here’s more on the WEB for effective introductions.

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